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"We start with

your visions,

your objectives,

your requirements,


complete with

your satisfaction."


Personalised attention for details   

Our search process is meticulous, systematic, rigorous and far reaching


Our Specialisation





1. Accounting / Finance
1.1 Audit & Taxation
1.2 General/Cost Accounting
1.3 Finance/Investment
1.4 Banking/Financial

2. Admin/Human Resources
2.1 Clerical/General Admin
2.2 Human Resources
2.3 Secretarial/Personal Assistant

3. Sales/Marketing
3.1 Marketing/Business Development
3.2 Corp/Wholesale/Trading
3.3 Sales-Eng/Tech/IT
3.4 Sales-Insurance
3.5 Retail Sales

4. Arts/Media/Communications
4.1 Advertising
4.2 Arts/Creative Design
4.3 Entertainment
4.4 Public Relations

5. Services
5.1 Personal Care
5.2 Social Services
5.3 Customer Service
5.4 Hotel/Tourism
5.5 Food/Beverage/Restaurant

6. Education/Training
6.1 Education
6.2 Training & Development

7. Computer/Information Technology
7.1 IT-Software
7.2 IT-Hardware
7.3 IT-Network/Sys/DB Admin

8. Engineering
8.1 Chemical Engineering
8.2 Electronics
8.3 Mechanical
8.4 Oil/Gas
8.5 Environmental
8.6 Electrical
8.7 Other Engineering

9. Building/Construction
9.1 Architect/Interior Design
9.2 Civil/Construction
9.3 Quantity Surveying

10. Manufacturing
10.1 Maintenance
10.2 Operations/Production /Factory
10.3 Process Control /Application
10.4 Quality Control
10.5 Safety Health & Environment (SHE)

11. Sciences
11.1 Agriculture
11.2 Actuarial/Statistics
11.3 Food Tech/Nutritionist
11.4 Geology/Geophysics
11.5 Aviation
11.6 Biotechnology
11.7 Chemistry
11.8 Science & Technology

12. Healthcare
12.1 Practitioner/Medical Asst
12.2 Pharmacy
12.3 Diagnosis/Others

13. Supply Chain
13.1 Supply Chain
13.2 Purchasing /Procurement
13.3 Planning Manager/Executive
13.4 Logistics Manager/Executive
13.5 Shipping Manager/Executive
13.6 Warehouse Manager/Executive





Our proven track records is most evident in our client's continuous support




Position Specification Development







Meeting with client to understand the company, it's culture and their HR requirement.


Formulate and Tailor make the position specification.






Sourcing starts from our extensive candidate database and our social  and professional networks, identifying potentially suitable qualified candidates.




Candidate Evaluation

And Selection



Interviewing potential candidates to determine facts regarding qualifications, achievements, etc


Each candidate is carefully assessed before they are presented to client for final selection.




Client Interview with Candidate

 Reference Check


Before the client meets the candidate, we will submit a detail profile of the candidate with our findings, assessments and recommendation.


Concurrently we will run a reference check on the potential candidate through previous employers, superiors or peers.





Placement &

Follow Up











Upon successful completion of  placement and appointment, we will follow up with both client and candidate helping to ensure smooth interface into the company’s culture, work environment and practices.



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